In menu "G2A - DISCOUNTS & CASHBACK" you can read and find all information about shopping a products on G2A with discounts and get cashback codes.

OK, let's go. For buying a products on G2A with discounts and cashback to exist a few variants:

1) Sell-out on G2A + use Cashback from G2A shop
2) Sell-out on G2A + Cashback from service Topcashback

What is the difference between these shopping methods?

In the first case, when buying are goods we will use 3% Cashback code. Cashback payments will be located on your G2A wallet.

On the second case, when you makes a purchase through a service Topcashback, you will get 4% payments, which will kept in the Topcashback service and not on G2A wallet.

What method is choose?

If you often buy on G2A.com then for you will be suitable a first variant. With help cashback from G2A you could to cover a part of the cost on buying or percent on replenishment G2A wallet.

For those who are buying on G2A isn't often and want to spend gained cashback in other shops will be suitable a second variant.

Could I using cashback code G2A + Topcashback?

Nope, because in Topcashback may be not to come 4% payments due to use cashback from G2A.

Which a cashback code on 3% in G2A?

When you buy a product, in basket page enter in the suggested field a code - EGB.

Link on Topcashback?

Enter on site Topcashback (click on this link for going to site >>>) and register. For begin shopping with 4% cashback in search line to enter G2A and in the drop-down menu choose a shop.

In opening window, click on button "Get Cashback Now" and you have open G2A site  in which you could buy any are products and get 4% payments on Topcashback.