G2A Goldmine


G2A Goldmine - affiliate program a project G2A.com. You can earning money to sell games, gifts, DLC's and more which are located on marketplace using your partner link.

In order to beginning you need move on G2A Goldmine site in this link (Go to G2A Goldmine >>>) and create account. After the creation account click on menu "How to Earn" and read all information about affiliate program that to learn what it is.

Later, after reading, click on menu "Tools" and create your first affiliate link by clicking on button "+ Add more". You can create link to any page (homepage, product, search result and etc.).

OK. You created your first affiliate link. Find her can in menu "My profile" on the line "Your reflinks". Now, you can begin to promote your link and get money for buying an user that will move on your partner link.

How to know, how much you can earn for sell a product? Move on page your a product to promote and go to down page. Find after "Languages" a module "G2A Goldmine" in which written: "Earn X.XX EUR every time someone buys this product using your reflink". On location "X.XX EUR" - your income for sales.

Additionally, you can invite people in G2A Goldmine and earn money with their sales.

Invitation link on G2A Goldmine you could find in your account G2A Goldmine by clicking button "Invite link" in menu "My profile".

For competent promotion your affiliate link suggest begin to learn affiliate marketing (CPA-marketing).

Good luck and big sales!