Welcome to Quickstart guide to buy a goods on G2A. Here you'll know, how to buy games, DLC's, skins, gifts if you enter on site at first time. Let's get started.

Going to site G2A (go to site >>>) and register. After registration you get online wallet which you can replenish on any amount and make payments a goods on G2A or on other sites, where there is a payment system G2A Pay and also get cashback for purchases.

NOTE: You can to miss register on G2A and begin buying a goods at once. However, without registration you cannot get cashback payments on G2A. But have another variant with a cashback. About this a little further.

OK. You registered on G2A (or not) and now need choose a product for buying. Search a product which you wanna buy and click for him. In front of you opened up a page with product description.

On page description find block "Offers". Choose necessary to you price from the seller (with Feedback more than 80%) and click on a basket icon near with price. You get message about adding a product in basket. Next you're going processing purchase by clicking on button "Continue to cart" or you can continue to find other needed a goods by clicking on "Browse more products" and add is new products in basket.

Well, you added are products in basket and now come to processing purchase. After click on "Continue to cart" you will be sent on basket page, where you can to see all your added a products and prices. Here should tell that don't need to given emphasis on general price below, selected in the orange color because a final price you can see on next step with choosing payments method.

Next, if you signed up on the site G2A then in the line Cashback enter code - EGB, so that get 3% cashback payments and if you haven't G2A account then you pass this line. Then, you're putting checkbox in "I have read and accept Terms & Conditions", enter your e-mail address in suggested field if it's not filled and clicking by "Go to payment".

NOTE: If you have when purchasing will be displayed besides goods some kind of other proposal from G2A then remove the checkbox from them, because they could be fee-based.

Stayed last step. Choose necessary a payment method and will pay for you're goods.

NOTE: The most minimal commission when paying - G2A wallet. And remove the checkbox from G2A Plus if it's there.

After payments is opening a page where you're can get your a product.

So, that'll be all. Now you know how to buy on if you want to know how to buy are goods cheaper then proceed on next page "Discounts" at below. Good Luck!